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Freshman Information Sheet

Dublin Jerome Girl’s Soccer 2022

PHASE 1-Off Season- Jan-Feb (Strength Training begins Jan 4)

  • § StrengthTraining(Mon 4:30pm,Tues 4:30pm,Thur 3:45pm,Fri 4:30pm)@DJHSWeightRoom. Players should pick 2 or 3 session that work in their schedule each week. The winter is the best time to be making strength gains. Strength Coach, Mike Lawless will support and push you to the next level. Make this your priority and it will enhance your performance. Strength Training is only for HS and Incoming Freshman players through the spring.
  • § Cardio Endurance: Recommend working on conditioning at least 2 other days of the week. Club practices can help, but there should be some sort of work on your own. Invest in yourself and your team by making your fitness better. Work on sprint intervals and varying speeds based on the demands of the game. 20-30 minutes should be your goal workout.

PHASE 2-Off Season-March-May

  • § Registration:All returning and new players must register for the 2022 season at : will have the option to sign up for team camp as well.) Once the player is
  • registered, the player/parent will begin to receive TeamSnap updates.§ StrengthTraining will continue through team workouts at the sametime as above (or possible adjustments). Please take advantage of our weight facility, Coach Lawless will modify your workouts based on your CLUB schedule.
  • § PlayerMeetings:Provided we can meet in person,we will have sign-up for players to individually meet with coaches on performance, goals, and the upcoming season. Virtual meetings may take place or in-person.

Pre Season PHASE. June-July (starting June 6th.)

  • § Weekly Schedule : Tuesday (Strength Training/Turf 3:30 - 5:30 pm), Wednesday (Open Fields 6pm-8pm), Thursday (Strength Training/Turf 3:30 - 5:30pm)
  • § Important Items in June: Given that this is the first year for the new coaching staff, please attend often.
  • § Important Items in July:
  1. Showcase : Excellence in Sportmanship Showcase 2022 : July 16-17 (Spindler Park, Hillard)
  2. Youth Camp: July 11 - 14 r (5:30 pm-7pm) Returning players working
  3. Team Camp: July 18-21 (6pm-8pm) All (sign up when you register for season)


*Arrive 15 minutes early to events. Greet each other and help coaches with equipment

*Be equipped (soccer cleats, running shoes, water, etc)

*Players communicate absences or conflicts with Coach directly.

*Academics (GPA) compete in the classroom, your effort this 2nd semester reflects your eligibility for next season.

Competitive PHASE. August-November (August 1 - November)

Tryout- August 1, 2 (team selection) *Season Practice begins Wed August 3rd.

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